I’ve been dreaming about you. About your voice and the things you’d say to me as your lips brushed over my skin.

I’ve been dreaming about you licking your way down my body, making me moan as the stubble from your beard tickled and tantalized me. Licking and kissing your way to my breasts, taking my nipple into your mouth and suckling as I writhe beneath you unable to do anything. Unable to see anything. You switch sides and I whimper. I beg to see you, to touch you.

You’ve tied my hands to the headboard and blindfolded me, you tell me I think too much, try to control too much and now it’s your turn. You tell me all I have to do is feel. I’m burning up but the ceiling fan is on high, cold air brushing across my body in sharp contrast to the warmth of yours.

You skim your hands along the length of my body, lifting my hips, sliding your hands underneath my ass and you squeeze. I cry out, begging you to take me. Begging you to do anything and everything you wanted if only you’d let me feel you. You settle between my legs, breathing softly onto my lips, telling me how pretty my pussy is. How you can’t wait to own it. Mark it as yours, as you say this you nip at my inner thigh, leaving a mark.

Finally, you relentlessly begin to lick me. You suckle on my clit as you touch me, sliding 2 fingers inside and then a third. You reach up and tell me to open my mouth and you tell me to suck your fingers clean. I’m so close, I can’t anymore and you know it.

Before I can peak, you slam yourself into me, hot, wet, and willing and I scream. I beg for it harder and deeper. I beg you to untie me so I can touch you but you refuse to. You continue to fuck me harder and deeper until I peak. You keep your rhythm steady and constant, wanting to coax another out of me, and when I’m close, you slow down. I whimper in frustration and you laugh softly, nipping at my earlobe, you ask me how I want it..

I tell you I want to be on my hands and knees, I want you to be deep inside me as you orgasm.. you untie me and flip me onto my knees, instead of feeling you at the entrance to my pussy.. I feel your fingers slipping in and coating themselves in my juices, which you trail up to my asshole.. I freeze for a minute, knowing that I’ve been dreaming of this moment, you start to slide yourself into my ass and I moan..

Finally you’re in and you start to slide back and forth, your fingers on my clit and you order me to play with my nipples, I comply… Unable to hold back my whimpers as pleasure once again takes over.. you begin to slam yourself in and out of me, close to orgasming deep inside my ass.. I cry out as I climax yet again feeling you cum inside me.. you pull out and watch as your semen drips out of my ass..


The aftermath of dreams

This is a continuation of “I doubt that I can sleep

A friend wrote the parts in bold.. I just picked up where he left off…

[So I continued from a males point of view]


I walk in
Caressed into our encounter
A heated battle within my mind
Of love wanting to trust itself in her

I brush her delicate neck,and feel her breath
Gasping for more.
Her poignant fragrance…

I trace her lips,with the barest of caresses,
She whimpers; a hand above her head,
The other trailing lower with no regard for any form of modesty,
The sheet kicked aside

I wait
I watch

Her body visible in the moonlight,
Scraps of lace barely covering her form,
She stops,
hand covering what I covet

I watch
I sit next to her
I touch

Tracing along the curves of her breasts
Gently rolling the beaded bud between my fingers
Her back arches
Her mouth opens on a silent moan

I lean over her,
Trapping her in my arms
Lips replacing my fingers
Suckling through the flimsy fabric

Her hand raising to hold my head in place
Arching her hips up against me
I follow the flow of her body.

Lips tracing
No impediment
Brushing against a damp core

Crying out
She opens her eyes and looks into mine

Desperation flickering,
Desire raging

As I deliberately lick once again,
She reaches for me.
Rising up to meet her,
Gazes interlocked

I push the boundaries
As our tongues duel
I mimic the motions
My fingers within

Making her cry out
She begins to peak

I stop
I tease
I torment

She pulls at my clothing

Skin to skin

Pulling me on top of her
Two merge into one
Keening cries

Feverish kisses
Against my skin
Against my lips

A blanket I find solace in

We sleep
Nestled in the embrace,
Of a loved one.

Ice cold..

Think of the hottest day.. She’s lying on her belly on the bed.. Windows open trying to get cool.. You walk in with a glass of water and ice.. She mumbles her greeting to you to hot to get up.. She’s in a skirt and tank top.. You can see the lace edge of her underwear.. And you notice there’s no bra strap in sight.. You lightly run the bottom of your glass between her legs and she sighs in relief.. Opening her legs slightly wider .. You remove two pieces of ice and place one in your mouth..Smoothing the edges while the other you continue running between her legs and across the back if her neck..

You have her attention now.. She’s whimpering for more.. Raising her hips slightly .. You notice her lace underwear is already damp and you brush your cold fingers against her core.. When the ice in your mouth is smooth enough.. You run it up till the lace edge of her underwear..pushing her underwear aside and sliding the ice between her lips.. Pushing the now smaller block into her…

The water mingling with her juices.. You follow the trail of water.. As she’s now on her hands and knees..panting.. Begging.. You take another drink of water.. Letting the remaining ice make your lips cold.. You lie under her and begin to kiss and lick your way to her underwear.. Ripping it when you get there.. She’s drenched.. A combination of water and her juices.. Pulling her down onto your face..

Before she settles on your face and you shift slightly upwards.. So you’re fully on the bed and she can grab onto the headboard.. You begin to lick at her lips.. Nipping at her clit slightly while her juices drop onto your face..as you begin to lick her in earnest,she starts pinching at her nipples.. moaning louder.. Your tongue delves into her moist core.. The taste of water and her juices mixing perfectly. Your tongue a hot contrast to the cold of the ice that’s rapidly melting within her hot core.

Her hips begin rocking back and forth over your mouth.. You grip at her hips trying to steady her rhythm.. Trying to prolong her release .. To torment and tease her..

She reaches down with one hand… Gripping at your hair as if to fuse you to her.. The other hand holding onto the headboard to steady herself..

She cries out your name as she begins to go over the edge.. you dig your fingers in, lapping up her warm juices as she orgasms..

Sated .. She gets off of your face and licks the remaining juice off of your face.. Kissing you deeply.. Tasting herself on you..



You decided to come and keep me company, watch a movie with me and just hang out, but because of the previous conversations our minds and hands obviously start to stray. In anticipation of your visit, I’d worn the black and floral satin corset type top with a pair of black silk panties under my clothing.

We head to my room, you’re undressing me as we go but I barely have a chance to pull your shirt off, until all I’m left in are the black panties. While you remain for the most part, fully dressed.You know I’m wet and ready for you.. Our experimentational foreplay in the other room proved it as your fingers were soaked, but I had licked and sucked them clean for you.

You know I’d like it rough this time, the various bite marks on your neck proof of that, as I willingly get on my hands and knees infront of the mirrors.. Bracing my body on my forearms and keeping my ass high up.. Eventually even playing with myself as I wait for you to continue.. Which you do with out the slightest hesitation, unzipping your jeans and sinking deep into me without pause..

You start thrusting as I moan your name out, your one hand pulling on my hair slightly to raise my face so you can see my facial expressions as you pound into me..The other griping my hip to pull me to you.. Harder.. Faster and as deep as you can.. Filling me completely..

Eventually my body starts to spasm around yours, my inner muscles clenching tight around your cock and you know I’m about to orgasm.. You start thrusting harder, making me scream your name.. Begging for more.. Begging for a release.. You flip me over making me arch my back slightly as you settle on your knees with my legs hooked over your arms.. I ask you where you’d like to orgasm .. In me or on me?

You say you want to orgasm in my mouth, I moan my consent, closer to orgasming just thinking about it puts me over the edge and I orgasm, my pussy milking your cock as you thrust.. The fluids running out, your cock coated in my cum, you position your cock between my breasts, holding and squeezing them together as you begin to fuck them… Your head brushing my lips and tongue everytime you thrust forward…

I meet your gaze as you continue to thrust between my breasts, after a few more thrusts you let me get on my knees yet again, this time holding my head to your cock, my hair wrapped around your one hand as you use it to hold me in place.. Taking you in my mouth as you thrust as deep as you can.. Licking as sucking as much of you as possible..Gently but firmly playing with your balls as you thrust into my mouth .. Looking up, meeting your gaze as I take you as deep as possible with every thrust, feeling you’re about to orgasm I start sucking harder.. Swallowing as much as I can, some dribbling down my chin to drop onto my breasts..

Sated, you pick me up and we get into bed, you pulling me to rest with my ass against your cock.. My head just under yours, resting on your arm, while your other arm is draped over my waist, your hand held in mine.. And we sleep..

Useless metal

You are the blacksmith,
I am the metal.
Ready to mould and yeild to your touch.

You are the fire that melts me.
You are the hammer that shapes me.
You are the water that cools,
my red hot core.

You were the blacksmith that embeded your intricate pattens
into my being

One mistake.
And I would be reduced to a piece of useless metal..

Just one mistake..
The raiders of misunderstanding took you..
Before a plea could be heard..

Tossed aside,i now am.
But now renderd useless..

grey, greying, gone

On a side note to my romantic delusions , I’ve been reading things on the “Greyer” side of life, 50 shades to be exact.

The first time I had the 50 shades discussion I refused to allow any thought of it to bother me. It’s far removed from the mommy porn people call it but then again to each his( her) own.

I recall a discussion on 50 shades and I recall vehemently protesting against dating a guy like Grey, now more enlightened I’ve realized I would date him. Not because of the money ( as one of my classmates expressed ) but because for some strange reason I’m attracted to guys who are emotionally fucked.

I’m drawn to them like moths to a flame and yet I know it’ll burn. I still fly towards them. They represent everything I am.

I acknowledge that and it scares me a little. I feel like I can heal them, or something, well I at least try to. I’m drawn to that darker side of life.

To quote Rihanna ” sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me”

Its true. I’m drawn to the darker kinkier side just as I’m drawn to men who possess that darker side. I’ve found I will endure almost anything for a guy who is emotionally fucked.
Its almost as if I receive a perverse pleasure from being the one person he needs to help tame whatever it is that’s inside him.

Added to the fact that he is emotionally fucked, the sex described seems as if it stemmed from my own kinkier dreams and I congratulate the author on that (even though her style makes me question everything and every person who is obsessed with that book).

I think the fact my attraction to men who are emotionally fucked is simply because they make me seem normal. Deep down I know that, that is my real issue.

I want to, I need to be the normal one in a relationship.
which with me is pretty hard.